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Easy Peasy Budget

is my baby. This is my brain child that came from….hmmmm…where did it come from exactly?

I grew up on the family farm in a very small town in Manitoba, Canada. I was the youngest of 4 children…1 boy and 3 girls. I was told I was supposed to be a boy to increase the odds of taking over the farm and carrying on the family name.

I grew up learning that you worked hard, and although there might be time for some play…it was mostly work. I have great memories of growing up there and I think of it often. When I was a kid, I didn’t fully appreciate the fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden (the garden was a lot of work) until I moved away and tasted a store bought tomato. “What kind of tomato is this?” I asked with a scrunched up face.
My mother worked tirelessly at canning from the garden, and home-made bread, buns, pickles, pumpkin muffins, apple sauce, rhubarb pie, oatmeal date cookies, soft ginger cookies, home-made pie pastry, big thanksgiving dinners, milk straight from Daisy the cow, and red velvet cake in the shape of a heart.

I learned to drive a standard…a go-cart made by my dad and my brother. We called it the dune-buggy and it had an auger motor…you know the kind you pull the rope and adjust the clutch to get it started? It didn’t even have brakes on it for the first year of its life. We ripped around the yard and had the most fun you could have at 20 miles an hour.

We lived beside my grandparents, who I loved dearly and miss often.

I mowed a lifetime of grass in the first 18 years of my life.

I ate porridge for breakfast which was not my thing.
We named every cat and kitten and played with them for hours, and I got a golden lab named Tippy for my 14th Birthday.

I learned piano from my mom who was the local piano teacher, and played the bass guitar in the same orchestra as my dad. We played old time waltzes, polkas and the foxtrot.

I occasionally drove the grain truck at harvest time, baby-sat and waitressed for a local family who remain life-long friends, and couldn’t pass regular math without the help of my dad…a math and computer whizz who could sew a mean pant hem.

I could not understand abstract math! Why was it important to know why this angle was congruent to that angle? It was enough to turn my world upside down. So, for everyone’s sake, I took “business math”, (also known as easy math or dumb math). But I loved it because it was all based on common sense and it gave me confidence! Finally, math that was speaking my language…calculating depreciation on a vehicle, calculating interest on a loan, real-life situations. Not only did I pass, but I was in the high 90’s. My teacher said, “What are you doing taking this math? You should be taking regular math”. Hmmm…since I could barely pass regular math, where was I to fit in? Seems as if there was no math class for me. I have to disagree…it was the perfect class for me!

Who I am today:
    1) I am a farm-girl at heart. When I see hay bales, a big beautiful corn or sunflower field or old grain elevators, my heart opens up a little.
    2) I drive a Jeep Wrangler and probably always will because deep down it’s who I am. When the top is off, it feels like the freedom of the dune-buggy combined with the ruggedness of the old grain truck (minus the ice-cream pail full of crab apples followed by stomach cramps.)
    3) I love to bake, as I come from a long line of bakers and I do my part to keep that tradition going.
   4) I absolutely adore our little dog Rocky more than life itself!
   5) I have some music ability but sadly don’t do much with it
   6) I still would like my dad to hem my pants
   7) I really lucked out in the “husband department”
   8) It surprises me how self-disciplined I am
   9) I am very much a “common-sense” thinker
  10) Much to the surprise of my math teacher(s), and probably my dad, I’m a rockstar at math in my own way.
Could this be why I got good at budgeting? I’m not 100% sure.

Since I have had my troubles learning in school, I think there are ways to learn that are fun, visual, and using common-sense, which I know we all have. This is something that comes across in my training videos.

I am in my mid-late 40’s and although I’m not launching my budget system early in life, I can tell you that in my eyes it’s proven. I have been using the same system since my early 20’s and it works…so much so that I still use it today.

I just told you who I am. I am putting

Easy Peasy Budget

out into the world for you. It couldn’t be more personal…I created it after all. This is your opportunity to apply it to your life if you so choose.
We may not live down the street from Oprah, but because of my budget system, we haven’t carried a credit card balance in over 20 years, we own both vehicles, we paid off our first home before we bought our second home, and we have RRSP’s and been on some great vacations. The only debt we have is on our current home, and if we ever move in next to Oprah, I’ll let you know! (She probably has a great garden lol).
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