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Easy Peasy Budget

is the household budget system that's easy and it works! What if I could show you how to actually get somewhere with your money every month, instead of watching it fly out the window?

Here’s the problem:

You don't know how! You weren’t taught properly. Your current way isn't working. Can someone just show you already? I mean, come on how hard is this thing?

In my opinion, not that hard...if you know how. But super frustrating when you’re trying to figure this thing out for yourself.

It absolutely baffles me that people…good people like you…are struggling with getting a solid monthly budget system in place. I’m serious…how are we supposed to get through life without a plan on something as important as our money for crying out loud?

Let me tell you something. What I’m about to say is not a judgement – only an observation: In my daily life (at work and in the world), I see and hear people struggling with money issues, arguing with their spouses, spending money they don’t have, disagreeing on what to let their kids have, financing things they can’t afford, and just plain needing help with this thing. And here I am sitting there with a pretty good handle on the subject; wanting to shout from the rooftops, “Just let me show you!”
Okay so we know what the problem, so

what’s the solution?

Well, I believe I have it! The

Easy Peasy Budget

ticks the boxes you’ll need to succeed:
  • I provide a plan that’s easy to understand and follow.
  • I show you how. Yes…if you are willing to learn, I actually teach you. Finally the lesson about money you never got! (Don’t feel bad-none of us got it.)
  • 11 training videos that step by step teach you what you need to do.
    • All I ask is that you view the videos in order, and complete one step before moving onto the next one. That's not asking a lot.
  • I provide the only software you’ll ever need called…wait for it...
    • “The Monthly Page”, which calculates Income Vs Expenses. Maybe not the fanciest name, but this is a game-changer on your success every month!
Here’s how it works: You watch the introduction Video on my Home Page and decide if I’m speaking your language. If so, go ahead and purchase my system for $29.99 USD, which gives you access to 11 Training Videos and The Monthly Page. There is no monthly subscription. The annual renewal is only $9.99 USD and comes with a bonus. You do the steps on your own time and can email me a question about my system if you get stuck!

There is a lot of advice and many choices out there. Why choose

Easy Peasy Budget

, you ask? First of all, budgeting can be a little dull. The way I see it, learning should be enjoyable, so to me the use of training videos is more exciting than reading. I know, I like to dance to my little money song and be kinda silly, but I truly believe that budgeting is FUN and I want you to have fun too! At the same time, I’m very serious about the content. I have broken the steps down so that you don't get overwhelmed. When you do one at a time in an order that makes sense, you are going to get to the finish line and start applying the advice to your life sooner.
Hi, I’m Ellie. If you must know more about the person behind the

Easy Peasy Budget

, go to the next section About Me for some background. All you need to know with regards to household budgeting is:
  1. I'm just a real person like you. When it comes to budgeting, I know what I’m talking about.
  3. I put my money where my mouth is. There is nothing in my system that I’m asking you to do that I don’t do myself. I “cap” my expenses as described in the training videos, I make “found money” count whenever possible, I track expenses, and I use the Monthly Page every month. And if my method has worked for our household for 25 years, then it can work for yours too!

My mission is to take household budgeting…something that seems “pull your hair out” impossible, and make it easy for you to apply to your situation so you can get the things in life you deserve! Don’t we all deserve that? You bet we do.
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