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Gambling Software


What is Gambling Software?

The Gambling Commission has printed a steering note aimed toward helping the business confirm what constitutes “gambling software” and that entities among an offer chain need a license from the Gambling Commission.

This is a key issue for the business as, from thirty Jan 2015, it’ll be a licensing condition that operators solely use gambling software code from authorized developers. This places the incumbrance squarely on operators to confirm their suppliers, wherever needed, hold the requisite license, despite wherever the provider found.

The Commission considers any code that is meant to be used in reference to remote gambling, that’s supposed to be used or is employed by a gambling operator, to be gambling code. This includes any gambling specific application, like code used in:

Virtual event web content
Virtual event management
Bet capture / matching
Random range generation
Gambling records, showing elaborated results of games
Would I like a license?

Whether a license comes right down to what constitutes the activities of manufacture, supply, installation, and adaptation of gambling code (s.41 of the Gambling Act).


If an associate degree entity were to produce a gambling code to an authorized entity, it might like a foreign gambling code license. We have a tendency to perceive that there square measure solely 2 instances wherever this could not be the case:

Intra-group offer arrangements. For instance, if a gaggle had an associate degree entity that developed  gambling software code associate degreed an information science company that provided the code intra-group. The Commission is just probably to need the developing company to carry a license. Therefore the information science company is probably going to learn from “umbrella” licensing. It’sIt’s, however, to be confirmed, but if one or two license fees would be due during this state of affairs.
Supply to not an authorized entity. The Commission won’t need associate degree entity to carry a foreign gambling code license to that extent because it purchases gambling code so sells it to a 3rd party (not authorized by the Commission) with none involvement within the manufacture, adaptation or installation.


Any company that installs gambling code on the system of a Commission authorized operator should do therefore in reliance on a gambling code license issued by the Commission.


It is generally the case that a variety of firms among gaggle manufacture or develops code. once it involves licensing, the Commission is finally attempting to spot the entity that retains ultimate management of the event and tells the opposite entities what to try and do.

In circumstances wherever a business is buying a product and therefore the overall management, style, and development of the merchandise sits with the third party (the “Development Company”) then the event Company desires a gambling software code operative license.

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